Elena Pass and Karoline Rütter

Instinctive Feelings of Resonance through Magical Encounters

Conversation with student and Creative Entrepreneurship co-creator Elena Pass about metaphorical future maps.

124. Salon

Can philosophy say anything relevant about religion?

Philosophers Dr. Raul Heimann and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lüthe lead a provocative discussion

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10. August 2022
Berlin and virtual
Photo: Unsplash
123. Salon

Journeys Into the World of Madness

Professor emeritus of psychiatry Dr. Achim Haug talks about delusion

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July 19, 2022
Berlin + virtual
Achim Haug: travel to the world of madness
C. H. Beck
122. Salon

The AI Decision

Salon with Sven Krüger: The AI Decision – Artificial Intelligence and What We Make of It”

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6. Mai 2022
Berlin + online
The AI decision
Photo: Sven Krüger and Springer Gabler
121. Salon

Goethe's Prophecy of the World

Dr. Manfred Osten: Goethe’s Prophecy of the World as a “Great Hospital” in Light of Our Climate and Pandemic Crises

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7. April 2022
Berlin + online
Manfred Osten Wallstein
Wallstein Verlag
The School of Life

The Power of Sleep

4th of July 2022, 11th of October 2022

Together with sleep researcher Albrecht Vorster, I have been offering the workshop “How we can improve our sleep and thereby better maximize our potential” at the School of Life Berlin since summer 2021.

„The good life is a process, not a state of being“

Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987, psychologist)

120. Salon

An Eye for Brutalistic Beauty

Studio visit with the Berlin artist Anna Fiegen

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March 26, 2022
Anna Fiegen
Photo: Anna Fiegen
Anna Fiegen
Photo: Anna Fiegen

Anna Fiegen


Doris Dörrie

Deep Talk and Writing Session at The School of Life Berlin: Doris Dörrie in conversation with Karoline Rütter

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March 15, 2022
Doris Dörrie The School of Life
Photo: Doris Dörrie (c) 2012 Constantin Film Verleih GmbH/Dieter Mayr
Literature Film
Future Fields
Bill Nikiel

Spiritual Seeker with an Open Heart

Conversation with Gutshaus Stellshagen founder Bill Nikiel about metaphorical maps of the future


Happy to Be a Kaospilot

März 2022
Kaospilot Alumna
119. Salon

We Are the Change

Film documentary “We Are The Change” about an interreligious meeting of eight inspiring women – in cooperation with the Château d’Orion and the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque

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March 8, 2022
We are the change
Château d’Orion

„I can tell you what freedom means to me: living without fear.“

Nina Simone, American jazz and blues singer, pianist, songwriter and civil rights activist (1933 – 2003)

118. Salon

The Cold Gaze

Guided tour with Götz Aly through the exhibition “Der kalte Blick” –  “The Cold Gaze: The Last Photos of Jewish Families from the Tarnów Ghetto”.

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March 2, 2022
Der kalte Blick
Topographie des Terrors
Future Fields
Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk

Open to new horizons, with basic trust as well as skepsis

Conversation with Denkwochen founder Elke Jeanrond-Premauer about metaphorical maps of the future

„I want to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free ... so that others would also be free.“

Rosa Louise Parks,
American civil rights activist

117. Salon

How do you motivate people to respect human rights?

Salon with Anne-Katrin Arnold (Ph.D.):
How does the World Bank motivate its member countries to comply with environmental protection and human rights?

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February 26 2022
Mahdi Bafande
Unsplash - Mahdi Bafande
116. Salon

Art from the GDR

Guided tour through the art collection of Inge Kleinknecht-Dehmel and Dr. Max Dehmel

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February 21, 2022
Inge und Max Dehmel
Photo: Karoline Rütter
Visual Arts
Future Fields
Max Dehmel

Being awake during sleep as the most creative phase

Conversation with diplomat and art collector Dr. Max Dehmel about metaphorical maps of the future

„Love is the only thing that grows when we give it away.“

Ricarda Huch

115. Salon

Generosity and Fullness of life

Salon with Nika Wiedinger:  Generosity. In pursuit of alternative economic thinking

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January 28, 2022
Berlin + virtual
Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk
Photo: Karoline Rütter
Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk

A collaborative compass provides orientation in uncertainty

Conversation with surgeon, salonière and wine expert Dr. Louisa Bolm about metaphorical future maps

Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk

Creativity takes time

Interview with strategy consultant Dirk Nitschke about metaphorical future maps


The interest-er

Wednesdays.Online: Interview with Karoline Rütter on transdisciplinary work as an “interest-er”

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September 2021
Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk
Les Enfants Terribles

Tech at Heart, Business in Mind

Consulting on purpose development for adesso SE, one of the most dynamically growing IT consultants and software developers in Europe (in collaboration Sven Krüger (CMO at adesso) and diffferent)

August - December 2021

„We cannot change this world until individuals change.“

Marie Curie

Inspiring Minds – Sonja Matuszczyk

Strolling in explorer mode - sprinting in flow

Conversation with strategy consultant Klaus Schwab about metaphorical future maps


On the Fall of Patriarchy

Event The School of Life Berlin: Carolin Wiedemann in conversation with Karoline Rütter about paths out of a male-dominated world

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9. Dezember 2021
Carolin Wiedemann in Conversation with Karoline Rütter
The School of Life Berlin

„You are only afraid when you disagree with yourself.“

Herman Hesse

„Every thing has three sides: One that you see, one that I see, and one that you and I don't see.“

Chinese proverb